Best Treadmill Brands for Home use in 2022

If you trying to find out the “Best Treadmill Brands for Home use in India”  can often be the most frustrating purchase of all time, and being an expensive piece of equipment it is a perfect example of the saying, “you get what you pay for.” This article will make you decision making easy where you will get to know “best treadmill in India under 20000 but best in quality.“

Location like India, where average size of their flats is not more than 1000 Sq foot. Everyone has different circumstances for exercising and fitness at home and unfortunately there are not too many one-size fits all options to choose from, so this can quickly become a time-consuming decision to make.

Here is a brief rundown of my top 5 personal “best treadmills for home in India” available that ensure that you receive both the best bang for your buck, as well as a premium quality device that best suits your needs.

The Fitkit FT200 series treadmill is the best workout machine for India and most suitable who love power and for those who want to kick-start their fitness journey. This is Powerful machine with 2.25 HP continuous and 4.5 HP (Peak) efficient DC motor.

Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill

    Pros :

          ●   Assembly wasn’t difficult and the machine was up and running within an hour.

          ●   The unit is very stable and solidly built, and you can tell this machine was built with quality parts and will easily be able to outlast most of the entry level products on the market.

          ●   Efficient and strong motor power

          ●   LCD panel to display for time, speed, calories, heart rate and distance.

          ●   Auto inclination of 15 levels 

          ●   Hydraulic soft drop folding mechanism

          ●   Relocate with shock absorbing multi-layered running belt 

          ●    Built-in transportation wheels.

          ●   AUX input for Music

          ●  Diet tracking feature

    Cons :

        ●  The unit does lack a lot of features in comparison to other treadmills on the market such as mp3 support, speakers, or a fan to name a few.

        ●  It should also be noted that the unit lacks side rails.

        ●  Set up to 90 KG Weight (Above 90 to 120 KG weight Fitkit FT063 would be the choice)

Bottom Line:   Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill may not be one of the most advanced treadmills on the market in terms of features, but if you are looking for a quiet treadmill that delivers a smooth and sturdy running experience, this may be the perfect option for you. If you plan on constantly having long intense sessions on a mill then you can rest assured that this treadmill will be up for the challenge.

This best treadmill for home in India with manual controlled inclined option and a very reasonable price,

Assembly of the unit is incredibly easy and I was able to set it up for use within half an hour with the simple to follow instructions. The mill is incredibly sturdy to use, even when pushing this machine to its limits. Rollers for making your running workout much smoother. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 ​

    Pros :

        ●   Has mobile Holder

        ●   Heart rate sensor works fine

        ●   HiFi Speakers & AUX input

        ●   Anti-Skid surface

        ●   Foldable

        ●    Safety Features

        ●   Flat and foldable

        ●   Shock absorption with the layered running board to protect you from joint pains

        ●   Safety key

        ●   No assembly required

     Cons :

         ●   One of the most annoying things about this machine is the Heart rate monitor gives false readings sometimes.

         ●   The delay while changing speeds, which can sometimes take up to a minute to transition to the desired speed. 

Bottom Line: PowerMax Fitness TD-M1  can be an excellent piece of equipment for those that prefer to do a lot of running without having to use the models at the gym. The speed of the motor could definitely use some improvement, but overall the device is definitely a worthy investment and is built to last.

This “treadmill for home in India is best” and “cheap” at costing with automatic control.


     Pros :

        ●   Assembly is definitely quick and easy to complete, and you should find it ready to use in less than an hour with plenty of time to spare.

        ●   The unit is very sturdy, quiet, and handles inclines and running like a champ. Features include a fan, grip heart rate monitor and wireless monitor. It also has a variety of nice running programs which is a decent plus.

     Cons : 

          ●   The treadmill is incredibly heavy for starters, so don’t expect to be able to move the unit around on your own. Even though it has the option of folding up, I honestly don’t see too many people using it due to the weight and size of it.

          ●   The fan is a pushover, and the grip heart rate monitor isn’t very dependable. The device is also relatively pricey when compared to similar units in this price range.

Bottom Line: Despite the heart rate monitor and fan features of the, the unit is pretty quiet and built for endurance, and the unit is comparable to the premium models you would find at your favorited gym. However, for this price, you may be able to find a machine that gives you a little more bang for your buck.

This is also “India’s Best treadmill for home” and costing under 20,000.

Assembly of the device was pretty straightforward and only required a few easy steps to complete. The mill has wheels for easy movement, is very solid and sturdy, and runs relatively quiet. It is equipped with a speaker and connector for your favourite mp3 device, and a fan and has a decent variety of programmable features. The price is also one of the lowest you can find in terms of a quality machine.

PowerMax Fitness TDM​

     Pros :

         ●   Has mobile Holder

         ●   Heart rate sensor works fine

         ●   HiFi Speakers & AUX input

         ●   Anti-Skid surface

         ●  Foldable

         ●  Safety Features

     Cons :

         ●  No Cons. at All  

Bottom Line: All in all the Horizon Fitness is a nice entry level machine that will satisfy the needs of most treadmill enthusiasts, without breaking the bank. Just don’t expect to be blown away by the features of the unit.

Cockatoo CTM-05 is best workout machine for home and one of the most trusted brand in Workout Industry by offering best and reasonable product since years not. Smooth handles and convenient storage slots makes it one the best treadmill in India.

The unit is jam-packed with features such as a folding option, handlebar controls, nice sounding speakers and an mp3 jack, and an usb connect which will allow you to save your workout data and much more neat information with a free account.

The treadmill runs like a dream, and is both sturdy and quiet. To top it all off, the device itself is a beauty to look at when compared to other

Cockatoo CTM-05​

     Pros :

         ●   Shows almost all readings

         ●   Heart rate is real-time too

         ●   Music Speakers is Great

         ●   AUX Input available

         ●   Safety Feature is also available.

         ●   USB is also there

         ●   Portable & Foldable too

         ●   Assembly of the device is fairly quick and you should be up in running within an hour. 

    Cons :

         ●   No Cons. at All

Bottom Line: Overall the Cockatoo CTM-05 is an excellent device with plenty of features to satisfy even the regular user by treadmill shopper. It come with Comes with the easy transportation wheels for relocation, broad running surface and LCD tracking and 3 years warranty makes this treadmill one of the most trusted treadmill.

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