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Hi, my name is Sanjog. I am Founder, YouTuber, Blogger and Digital Marketing expert. Few years ago, I was super busy in building my career. I thought I am a fitness enthusiastic for 10 years but it was not true. Going to Gym and building muscles is not the fitness criteria. Fitness is not building body but exercising healthy life style. I used to hit Gym regularly but not following trends of healthy life style. And one day, on 15th Feb, 2020 I had massive heart attack. I survived with the grace of god and support of loved ones and then realized I was wrong. I don’t want you all to go through the same situation. That’s why I began this site.

Today I live healthy life. For me healthy life style includes balancing of eating habits, gyming habits and managing daily work pressure. I would love to share my experiences of building healthy life style.

Feel free to contact me sanjog@cardiotofitness.com

This site is the combination of health-related tips and best product to maintain your healthy life style. I will be sharing my experiences how I started taking care of my health in last one year and will also recommending best products which I have started using for myself.

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