Best rowing machine in India 2022

Home gym and outdoor workouts (among other things) have become a new trend this year. So friends let’s discuss Best Rowing Machine in India, as you know summer season and corona grow rapidly, Fitness and outdoor workouts have become a challenge. So, there is a great rowing machine for any home gym workout. Best Rowing machines can be a great way to do full-body workouts. Each line requires you to push with your feet, pull back with your arms, and maintain your body’s balance. Using it will make you extra sweat – and build strength from head to toe. If you are looking to buy yourself a rowing machine in India, then here is a list of the best rowing machine brands in India,

Benefits of Rowing Machine in India

  1. When buying the best rowing machines, the first thing to know about resistance type, price, storage options, and connectivity.
  2. Price points vary from the most basic wind-based resistance to luxurious water-based rovers that can run into the thousands. Some of the best indoor rowing machines also offer heart rate monitoring and connectivity with smartphone applications.
  3. If you are in a tight space, you will demand a machine that dominates the floor space without use.


  • Noise Level – Noise level can be really important if you’re using a rower in an open space where other people also will be, or if you live in an apartment

  • Easy to Maintain – After buying a piece for large machine you have to consider the maintenance of machine regularly
  •  Machine Size and Easy to store – Size of the fitness equipment which is buying is also matters a lot and  should be easy to store in short available space.

Here some of them are considered in more detail.

  • Resistance 

Resistance refers to the force you are pulling against the stroke. There are generally three types. The most widely recognized machines offer air-based obstruction, which can be on the noisier side. Some machines use real water drums, which reveal the feeling of being pulled through the water.

  • Cost

You can spend as much as $ 250 / £ 200 on an effective indoor rowing machine that will provide a fantastic workout for beginners but an unsatisfactory experience for people with Redgrave and Pinsent-level rowing goals. The build is good in between, depending on the quality and integrated smart technology and resistance types.  You can still take up to $ 4,000 / £ 3,000 on a Technogame Skilrow designed by Olympic-level athletes.

  • Folding

In the gym, we often see people tripping on machines suffer from machine injuries (although we cannot say that this is a statistically substantiated fact!). So, look for a machine that can stand at least, or at least effectively.

  • Smart Technology

While working towards goals, it helps to have quantitative data. Time, speed, number of strokes, lightning speed in those strokes, number of strokes per minute, your top heart rate. we all need to know. The quality of options provided by the built-in rowing computer should play a big role in your final purchase decision. Some high-end indoor rowing machines enable heart rate monitoring for interval training.

Differences between the magnetic, air, and water resistance on a rowing machine?

Usually, with water resistance, you need to add or remove water to change the resistance level, but if the water does not leak, then you know that you are working with the same resistance every time.

The magnetic provides a more uniform resistance allowing you to feel the same load level throughout the stroke and can be set using pre-installed levels of resistance.

Air resistance arises from moving a flywheel and adjusting how much air is in the flywheel. When you build acceleration and rotate the flywheel, you feel most of the resistance during the first half of the stroke. The handlebar and the seat slide forward until your knees are bent again at the catch.

There are a lot of fitness brands in the market selling rowing machines at a wide price range. Due to this, people often get confused about which brand is better than others. If you are looking to buy yourself a rowing machine,

Here is a list of 7 best rowing machines in India that you can go for:



Model Name


Resistance Mechanism

NordicTrack RW900

Nordic Track

Nordic Track

59 kg 200 g

Water, Magnetic

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness


59 Pounds


Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise


75 Pounds


Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine


Model D

57.32 Pounds


Stamina ATS 1405



73 Pounds


Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine

Water Rower

 Walnut S4

28 Kilograms


Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower

 Fitness Reality

1000 plus

  28.83 Kilograms


The NordicTrack RW900 is a feature-packed rowing machine. It has 26 different resistance levels, which you can use to increase or decrease your workout intensity. The machine relies on magnetic resistance. This allows you to ensure that your strokes will be smooth and quiet.

Best rowing machine in India

NordicTrack RW900​

The rowing machine comes with an ergonomic padded seat and large comfortable paddles, making it incredibly easy to store between uses.

     Feature :

         ●   22” HD Interactive Touchscreen Display

         ●  26 Digital Resistance Levels

         ●  Innovative Space Saver Design

         ●  Adjustable Console Angle

     Pros :

         ●  The setup is super easy

         ●  Functions well–generally a solid, well-Functioning piece of exercise equipment

     Cons :

         ●  The Lack of a Bluetooth interface is still disappointing

A great budget rowing machine. This Sunny Health and Fitness option have non-slip foot paddles, eight resistance levels, and built-in wheels for easy movement. You can track your progress with a monitor that displays calories, time, and count. The magnetic rowing machine is designed for convenience, and at the same time, provides a challenging experience of outdoor rowing.

Best rowing machine in India

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

      Feature :

           ●   Digital Monitor

           ●   8 level magnetic resistance

           ●   Non-slip foot pedals

           ●   Transportation wheels

           ●   Non-slip handlebars

           ●   Foldable design

      Pros :

          ●  It is very comfortable

          ●  The rowing machine doesn’t make any noise at all

          ●  Seat movement is smooth and quiet

          ●  The easy assembly took less than 30 minutes to complete.

          ●  The auto on/off display is a nice feature to have.

     Cons :

           ●  The machine has a small footprint

           ●  It doesn’t have a virtual 3D glasses option

Velocity Exercise is an indoor rowing machine. The electric machine and the drum combine both magnetic controls, providing resistance that is challenging and rewarding. This magnetic rowing machine gives you a smooth stroke. it is made with a strong aluminum frame. It has a versatile design LCD that lets you explore various parameters such as pulse rate, count number, calories burned, and more. Non-slip foot pedals provide more excellent balance and ensure that you maintain an ideal position while exercising.

Best rowing machine in India

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower​

     Feature :

          ●   12 programs, including and pre-set

          ●   Non-Slip foot pedal strap heart with Velcro straps

          ●   Drum Magnetic Control System

     Pros :

          ●  Very easy to assemble

          ●  Folds for storage with a small head unit

          ●  Comfortable seat and handle, no problems with blisters

    Cons :

          ●  Strokes per minute seem to be off. It constantly changes and varies within a stroke.

The Concept 2 rowing machine Model D is the ultra-popular Air Rover that you get to see in most gyms. Concept 2 is one of the best manufactures of rowing machines, and the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine is well known by its name. This machine has been found useful on many fitness sites. The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine includes a PM5 monitor that provides all critical data. It can display workout performance in two ways.

      Feature :

           ●  14-inch seat height, 500lb user capacity

           ●  Easy to assemble with only eight screw

           ●  Wireless connectivity

           ●  PM5 shown with included a smartphone cradle

     Pros :

          ●  Real-time reliable data

          ●  Smooth rowing action with a durable chain-driven mechanism.

          ●  Cardiovascular and whole-body workout.

          ●  USB flash drive access for storing workouts.

    Cons :

          ●   It is seat may not be comfortable for some people

Indoor rowing is the ideal solution for low-impact, full-body heart workouts. It helps in building muscle, burning calories, and making the heart-healthy. The Stamina ATS Air Rover is an economical and efficient rover built for your convenience. One of the most common in user reviews for this fan-powered Air Rover. You control the stiffness – just pull harder for more resistance or retract slightly for less.

Stamina ATS 1405​

      Feature :

            ●  Multi-function electronic performance monitor

            ●  Durable metal rowing chain and padded handle

            ●  Molded seat

            ●  Large footplate with adjustable nylon foot straps

     Pros :

           ●  This machine is chain driven, and no retracts problem, even at high speeds.

           ●  The footrests are adjustable

           ●  Can see it clearly at all angles.

     Cons :

          ●   The handle is a little narrow

The Water Rower machine is handcrafted with classic solid American black walnut wood, rich in Satsang oil. Like their other machines, natural water uses resistance. Also, the second waterfall features design. Designed for the mental and physical benefits of rowing machine.

Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine​

    Feature :

           ●  Series 4 performance monitor tracks workout intensity

     Pros :  

          ●  The quality of the service was amazing.

          ●  Very easy to stand up and roll to a corner.

          ●  Very quiet. All are a gentle movement of water

    Cons : 

        ●  S4 Monitor needs to be backlit 

        ●  Price, a little steep if you have to pay full price

This rover connects via Bluetooth to track your workouts and access classes in my cloud fitness app. This rowing machine is similar to the Sunny Health and Fitness model above. They are both approximately the same size, magnetic, and have built-in LCD screens. However, one major difference is that this fitness reality rowing machine has Bluetooth functionality and an integrated smartphone app tracking a workout.

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower​

    Feature :

          ●  250 Ibs weight capacity

          ●   Adjustable rear floor stabilizer prevents rocking to ensure a smooth rowing experience

          ●   Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable strap ring for easy foot strap adjustable

          ●   Pivoting foot pedal allows for a large range of motion

    Pros :

        ●  The shallow noise

        ●  The ability to use it as more than a rower is incredibly convenient.

     Cons :

         ●  The installation was not the easiest but not a big deal.

         ●  It is a monochrome screen.


All the best rowing machines in India in the mentioned above-given list are updated and described only once considering their features and also the value for money. These are various forms of the best rowing machines in India and every one of them comes from a different budget range and features, so every single rowing machine is to suit your budget and needs.

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